Still doing my thing

I am well into the swing of being self employed and living life at a more steady pace.  Since writing last I have been up to all sorts;

  • Working for my mum helping her with some big decorating jobs
  • Doing some stump grinding training with my good friend Gareth in the hope that there is some work there for me in the future.
  • Making lots in the shed in preparation for the ‘Oak fair’ which is coming up next weekend.
  • Meeting up with lots of friends and family who I have neglected in recent years.
  • A week long canoeing expedition on the river Wye.
  • Spending time with my boy.

I became aware the other day that there are only about 2 weeks left of the summer holiday and by know I would usually be on the count down to the end of the holiday.  I would be becoming more focused and starting to get up to speed ready to start the term at full pace.  Well, its no surprise that this isn’t happening this year.  I don’t think that I can remember a time when I have felt so consistent and settled in my mood and level of motivation.  It feels good!

The decorating jobs were interesting for me.  Not the most taxing of jobs, decorating.  It really gives you time to think.  While lying on the floor glossing some skirting boards I found myself thinking about what I would miss about being at Forest School in the coming year.  My conclusion was; being part of the staff team (great bunch), being needed and being asked for help and finally, not making a difference to other people.  I have been nervous about this last one.  I have always done something that makes a difference to other people and am worried about feeling like something is missing without Forest School in my life.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, making a difference has come at a cost over the years and one way or another I need find ways to ensure that my job doesn’t take so much from me and my family in the future.  Well, anyway there I was lying on this ladies floor painting when I realised that I had made a difference that day.  Not just by decorating the lady’s bedroom but by spending time with her and giving of myself while completing the job.  I spent time to talk to her and we ended up talking about all sorts of trivial but also personal subjects.  I always had a knack of getting to the core of children’s issues and getting them to open up emotionally and it seems that I can use that knack in other areas of work too.  My mum has the same knack and I feel as though when we left on the last day that not only was the lady’s house in a better state but so was her head.  I think that most people find talking about their emotions fulfilling.  Not always enjoyable or fun but fulfilling none the less.  They are not easy things to talk about but with the right person, I find that most people really engage in meaningful conversations and feel better for it afterwards.

The key to the Forest School being successful was that we all gave of ourselves when working with the children.  This made them feel valued, safe and listened to.  These are fundamental emotions for everyone in every situation.  They give us all a sound and solid foundation to go ahead and take the necessary risks needed to get on in the world.  This need is certainly not limited only to children.

This is what I bring to the world (other than charm and good looks)….. I give of myself to other people.  I enjoy creating meaningful relationships with other people.

It would seem that I don’t need trees to do my thing!


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