Give yourself time

I'm getting excited again!!!!  But first to fill you in on the events of recent months because once again, its been a while.  I won't apologise, life sometimes just gets in the way. On the surface of it, I guess things would look pretty boring really.  Work continues to get busier and busier and I am … Continue reading Give yourself time


Mental Health…. Ahhh I get it!

An insightful and thought provoking month.  Its been a hard one for lots of reasons and with a week left until Christmas I have found my self a little overwhelmed with life and have been struggling for a week or two.  I wanted to write about it for a few reasons; I have been open … Continue reading Mental Health…. Ahhh I get it!

Already finding a better balance for life

One week to go and things are really starting to feel real!  Last week at work seemed to just be full of 'lasts' which has brought to reality the fact that life is about to change...… a lot!  I'm really feeling sad to be leaving and the reality of not doing something for a living … Continue reading Already finding a better balance for life