Time for a change?

I’m 37 years old and on the whole I’ve done pretty well at life so far.  Well, in my opinion I have.  I’ve worked pretty hard and had a good time along the way.  A great family, a job that I really love and that pays the bills, and a house that I can call home.  Short of having the mortgage paid and finishing those little DIY jobs around the house that still need doing, I’ve made it haven’t I?

Its a big question…….. certain life events make you stand up and have a look around at the world and where you fit in it.  We’ve had a few of these as a family over the last few years and I am now officially stood up!  I am stood up and ready to find some answers to questions that I believe we are often too scared to ask ourselves; Where am I going? Do I want to work this hard? Should I spend more time with my family? Am I happy with who I am?  I am not scared (maybe a little apprehensive) and am ready to make the space in my life to find the answers.

Some of us experience a mid life crisis.  I’m not buying a red sports car, taking up flying or starting to dye my hair.  I’m grabbing some of my innermost emotions by the scruff of the neck and am going to attempt to explore and process them in a creative and productive way.  Join me on my journey of a year long sabbatical (although I still need to pay the mortgage) and hopefully we should learn a few things on the way.

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