I’ve been thinking of writing a book!

I’ve been typing away for a few hours and thought that before I get into it too deeply I should test the market!  This is the overview/introduction/theme of the book (first draft).  Please read it and feel free to be as honest as you can about it.  Is there a need for the book?  Has someone already done it? Who would read/benefit from it?  I have my thoughts but would be very interested in yours so please spend the time to message me with them.

So… here it is!

In an age where we seem to be developing and improving faster than ever before, could it be time to stop a while and make sure we are not missing something simple? The human race have become masters of solving problems with the use of industry and technology with ever easier ways to communicate, shop, clean, travel, spend and earn money. As well as enjoying many of the positive outcomes of these developments I am left with a deep feeling of concern. A concern that we are developing so quickly that we are starting to lose sight of some of the most simplistic and effortless aspects of being a human.

I remember Whitney Huston singing, “I believe the children are the future” (be glad that you are not here listening to me trying to sing it). It’s true; and it is all our responsibility as adults to nurture and support them so that they are able to live in a ‘better’ world that we do. This is the way of evolution.

This book aims to take a closer look at what children really need and want and our role as adults in supporting these needs and wants. Parent, social worker, teacher, community worker, foster parent, religious leader; regardless of how you support children, there are some simple approaches and strategies that if used consistently will allow you to build meaningful and significant relationships with the children in your care. It is this relationship that is at the very heart of a positive future for our children and young people.


10 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking of writing a book!

  1. What to say; for those of us that know, this book would be amazing, for the rest of the market you are trying to engage it might blow their mind’s write it either way xx


  2. I think if you have that book in you, you should write it! I for one, would be very interested to read further. Two other thoughts, which you have probably considered already but I’ll say them anyway…….(1). To give the book credibility, you need to give your readers (or prospective readers) some idea of your background and where you are coming from (2.) Get someone to proof read it for grammar and spelling mistakes.


  3. This definitely sounds like the beginning of something I would read.
    I was hooked and wanted to read more.
    I feel there is an uncountable market for material like this and with references, it could be advertised as an academic introduction to any child based courses.
    You are on the ball with this everyone needs to sit back and enjoy simplicity, our environment is “the third teacher” (Reggio!) and children are quiet often a product of there environment. What’s more is the best memories made with my children have been during the simplest of places with minimal tech.
    Please continue with this book I need to read more.


  4. I think you (alongside everyone else) should follow their dreams and isn’t that one of your messages in your unwritten book? To believe in yourself and be the best you can?
    I reckon Henry Ford had it about right when he said “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are probably right’.
    I, for one shall look forward to reading it!


  5. Yes! I’m up for proof reading but I may need to run some of the grammatical stuff past Jen or Stewart (he’s a professional proof reader now) occasionally if you’re ok with that? Pleased you have already written a section about why you are writing and why you can. I’ve read quite a bit about attachment theory for example but nothing I suspect from anyone with your perspective on it. X


  6. I always knew you’d go far! In life and especially in work. The book sounds like just what the world needs right now, please write it. Your blogging comes from the heart and I’m sure your book will too.
    I’ve recently quit my career in teaching (after 18 years,) to set up my own business. @beeyourselforguk
    Watch this space…..


    1. Hello. Thanks for the comments. Think it might be a goer. 18 years in teaching is a long time these days. Well done and good luck with the new venture


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