Time is a ticking!!!!

I find myself about half way through my year long sabbatical and think it might be time for a quick review.  I have just been getting on with life and enjoying the process but am becoming increasingly aware of time.  I am feeling a subtle pressure from some people to make a decision about whether or not I will be returning to my job or exploring pastures new.  However, the greatest pressures are the ones that I put upon myself (no change there!)

Anyway, here is an overview so far…….

August and September – A huge feeling of excitement and relief.  I really enjoyed the change of pace and the lack of responsibility for other people.  Enough work although spent plenty of time with people and enjoyed the positives of being self employed.

October, November and December – The reality of being self employed, living on a tight budget, no holiday or sick pay and Christmas coming up (I have 4 children remember) hit pretty hard.  I had a bit of a money panic and got my head down, took on loads of work and tired myself out trying to create a bit of a buffer in the bank to not only pay for Christmas but to allow myself to have some time off over the period.  Achieved the buffer and had 3 weeks off.  Lovely!

January – Enjoyed time off a little too much and didn’t start earning again until the 19th January.  Decided that I was supposed to be on a year off and that I had worked too hard and that I should be spending more time doing what I wanted to do (writing, Canoeing, Caving and generally mucking about). Cut it pretty fine on the finances and just made enough to pay the bills last month. Realised that I was no longer 16 and had responsibilities.

February – I enter the second half of my sabbatical year with what I hope is a more balanced approach.  Lots of work booked up but lots of time spare too.  Going to start writing a book (just because I want to) and write more regular blogs.  Feeling very settled and sorted.  This is when the decision will be made!

Speak soon



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