Not doing my book keeping

I am writing this instead of writing up quotes and doing my finances. Shhhhh!

I am well and truly submerged into this new venture and it just feels as though it is what I do.  A lot of the excitement has gone although I am pleased to say that most of the contentment remains.

In one of my early blogs I remember writing about work feeling different or separate while I was at Forest School.  Before, there was work and then there was everything else, the two were very separate things.  Now they are very much merged together.  For example, Mirielle and I went out for lunch in Cirencester a few weeks ago because I was being paid to collect someone’s new arm chair.  Charlie and I had a day in Weston this weekend because we were dropping of a dogs bed that I had made.  I really like this new life for this, I’m always working yet it feels like I’m never working.

My other favourite part of this new venture is that it has so much variety.  Little, tangible bits of work that I complete before moving onto the next.  I could be painting somebodies house one day, the next day fixing something in somebodies house, then a few days in the shed catching up on orders and then a day grinding tree stumps.  Sometimes I even get a day off!

This may all sound great, and it is, I am really enjoying myself.  You may think that big, lurking decision about whether to return to Forest School next year has been made.  Far from it!  As far as a ‘year off’ is concerned, this is ticking the box.  There is something missing though.  I cant put my finger on it yet but something is definitely missing.  I think that maybe its the level of challenge.  There will always be people in the world who tick the easy boxes in life and some choose and enjoy the harder, more challenging ones.  Forest School/education is very much the later and I think it always will be however many strategies I go back with to manage my expectations, motivation and self esteem.  I think that the more you put into something the more you get out (until you have nothing else to put in that is!)  I’m still doing plenty of thinking about this and as yet am nowhere near a conclusion.

Sadly, I have struggled to find the time to do some of things that have been on my wish list for ages that I planned to do this year.  Mirielle has struggled to get the extra shifts that we thought that she would to help cover the bills so I have had to work a lot.  There is plenty of work out there so we are certainly making ends meet.  I would like this to change and I would really like more time to write, adventure, play guitar, fix up my house and spend some more time with people I love.

I am a little nervous about the coming months as I am guessing that there won’t be too much work around over the festive period.  I have worked booked up this month and have booked pitches at 4 or 5 Christmas markets so will hopefully make enough with them to get me through the Christmas period.  Great idea hey? I just wish I could find time to get in the shed and make some stock for them.  All is not lost though….. I have some regular work!  Well, one day a month as a handyman for the local sea cadets.  I did my first day last week and really liked it.

Well that’s it…. this book keeping wont do itself!  See ya next time

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